FRL - / 90 / 90        Rw 62        Ctr 52

INTERNAL  FIRE  SEPARATING  WALL  SYSTEM    FRL  -  / 90 / 90      Rw 62      Ctr 52

  ResCom Internal  Fire Separating Wall System has been designed to suit high rise  construction

   by  addressing the thermal, acoustic and fire resistance requirements of multi-storey buildings.

Replaces Plaster Systems

Driven by both ever-increasing cost pressures and the demand for buildings with improved environmental performance  RESCOM  FIRE  WALL  BOARD is part of the next wave of building solutions. 

The New Generation of Fire Rated Separating And Party Wall Board

ResCom Fire Wall Board is the new generation of high-performance construction material that meets the modern challenges of fire-resistance in construction.


It is an environmentally-friendly composite cold-formed ceramic magnesium oxide (MgO) internal fire rated lining board.
Fire Wall Board has strength and fire-resistance due to the very strong bonds between the Magnesium (Mg) and Oxygen (O) atoms that form Magnesium Oxide (Chemical Symbol MgO).

Faster & More Efficient Intertenancy Wall Construction

The ResCom Fire Wall Building System has been designed and perfected to be specified for intertenancy wall (party wall) construction.
Fire Wall Board which is the integral part of the Fire Wall Building System is a certified fire rated product designed to be faster & more efficient

Installation of Fire Wall System

The installation of the ResCom Fire Rated & Acoustic Separation Wall System between attached occupancy units has an efficent installation process.
In essence we are removing various plaster systems and replacing them with ResCom Fire Wall Board.