FRL - / 90 / 90        Rw 62        Ctr 52

A Building Specifiers Guide

The ResCom Fire Wall Building System replaces existing  plaster systems.

Construction of intertenancy walls is now easier and more efficient.


Compliant Building System Components

  1. Knauf (or similar) Steel Stud & Track 64 mm / 0.75 BMT Frame System
  2. Knauf (or similar) Mineral Wool 27 kg / m3 Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Bats
  3. Boss Fire Mastic 300 Fire Rated & Acoustic Sealant
      • Five hour fire sealant.  FRL -/300/300 for most applications.  Is intumescent, and requires less quanties in application.  Cleans up easily in water.



  4. ResCom Fire Wall Board

    • Width: 1200 mm
    • Height: 2700 mm / 3000 mm or cut to order
    • Thickness: 12 mm
    • Recessed Edged: Depth 2 mm / Width 30 mm
    • Finish: Smooth Face
    • Colour: Green
    • Identification:  Individually Branded with ResCom Brand
  5. Simpson Strong- Tie  – 8 Guage  32 mm Trim Head  Class 3 Non Corrisive Screws


  • 6. Knauf Plaster (or similar) Finishing & Jointing Compounds.




ResCom RC/TS 90- Non Load Bearing Double Stud Steel Wall

Engineer Certifications

Fire Engineer

ResCom Fire Wall Board meets & excedes both the performance and DTS provisions of the National Construction Code in accordance with Clause A2.2 (a)(v) of the National Construction Code Volume One Building Code of Australia 2016 Amendment

ResCom Fire Wall  Boards have third party independant certification  for use in building and construction  issued by IGNIS Fire Engineering No.6405 I01R001

CLICK ON:    Ignis Soultions 6290-01 I01R04 Wall Design Certification

CLICK ON:    Ignis Advice 6290 00 Rev 02 (2018) ResCom System RCTS 90 Compliance

CLICK ON:  Ignis Advice 4099.3 101R00 Penetration Compliance

Acoustic Engineers

Cogent Acoustics

Certification 18009 System 4

CLICK ON:  Cogent Acoustics Certification See Page 7 System No 5


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
CGU General & Products Liability Certificate of Currency
ResCom Product Data Sheet & Board composition
CETEC Asbestos Analysis Report & Clearance Certificate